Please see below a summary of my students Maths results over the past 4 years

Summer 2015 results

A-Level: 2A* 2A 1B
AS: 2A* 1A 1B

Summer 2014 results

A-Level: 3A 2B
AS: 2A* 2A 1B
GCSE: 2A* 1A

Summer 2013 results

A-Level: 2A* 1B
AS: 1A* 2A 1B
GCSE: 2A* 1A 1B

Summer 2012 results

A-Level: 2A* 2A 1B
AS: 3A* 1A
GCSE: 4A* 2A


I'm a mathematician by trade and have always had a passion for numbers from a young age. I currently work in the city as a Credit Risk Manager in Finance and previously have worked in Banking in the analytics division.

I spend a lot of my time organizing activities for the youth; managingthe Annoor WembleyFootball Club, leading the IWA summer camps and teaching at the Al-Iman Saturday school. I'm also a qualified FA level 1 & 2 (UEFA ‘B’ License)Football Coach.

I also offer a professional service for students and graduates looking to enter the world of Banking & Finance. This includes gaining interviews, structuring telephone approaches, email etiquette to decision makers in banks to obtain the very best non advertised jobs as a graduate… away from “HR”. I do mock interviews, assessment days with testing, character testing and full formal interview preparation, alongside networking help for graduate fairs and assessment days.

Excellent tutor! I cannot recommend Yousif enough! 2 weeks before my alevel exam, I knew absolutely nothing, and within these 2 weeks Yousif explained everything to me so thoroughly that I ended up getting 97% in that exam and it was solely due to him! He is very enthusiastic and always makes sure you understand everything! Our lessons are always fun and I always learn so much from him! Definitely a first class tutor!
Bijita K- A-Level Maths
Very good tutor - contact him for more information! If you need help with MathsYousif is your man. With seven years’ experience tutoring students he creates a calm and comfortable atmosphere. He is very good at explaining difficult concepts and makes good use of the whiteboard to demonstrate what he is talking about.
Ellie H. Parent
Highly recommended I have been struggling with my Maths A level for 1 year and it is only after Mr Yousif has tutored me that I have eventually taken my exams with confidence and succeeded! A very inspiring tutor, success is guaranteed.
Nicole K- A-Level Maths
My son, Alex was having problem with Maths, so far he had only few lessons with Yousif but there’s been a huge improvement in his grade already. We have been so impressed with Yousif’s teaching techniques that we are taking on extra lessons. Yousif is the most genuine teacher I’ve come across; there is no nonsense with him. I can see that Yousif truly enjoys teaching and more importantly my son finds learning from Yousif is so enjoyable
Melanie Watson- AS Maths
Experience and straight forward tutor Yousif is very experienced teacher and is familiar with guiding students in answering exams. He is straight forward and to the point in giving examples and taking care to ensure I understood what was required for the exam. I have not regretted engaging Yousif for his tuition.
Ming C- Parent
Yousif is an enthusiastic and patient Maths tutor. He has provided me with some very good examples, and has been a great help.
Jim- AS Maths
I am currently studying A-Level Maths, and Yousif has been tutoring me for 3 years now. His teaching was nothing but the best; I understood the course in no time. He explains everything from the basics, something I wanted. Honestly, I will recommend him any day! He is a brilliant tutor.
Zainab- A-Level Maths
Yousif is an excellent tutor, I am studying Maths AS of Maths and Mechanics is extensive. He explained things in a clear and precise way and was always well prepared for the sessions. He was also punctual and reliable; it was a pleasure to learn from him.
Jack- AS Maths
Over the 2013 Christmas period I had Yousif for Maths tuition in regards to helping me with me upcoming Cambridge Pre-U exams. Over 5 sessions we worked on exchange rates, an area in which Yousif appeared extremely knowledgeable with real life experience. He helped clear up any cracks in my knowledge and set me essays which were marked and returned, highlighting areas for improvement. Overall an engaging and highly helpful tuition period.
Daniel- A-Level Maths
Yousif was an excellent help to me with my A2 Maths. Before the sessions I was somewhat adrift with the whole subject, but after 2 x 2hr lessons I already feel like I'm in a good place & am well on the way to achieving the grades I want. We approached the subject by studying how the topics are applied in exams - a very useful way of learning how to apply your knowledge to an exam paper. He has been an amazing help, I'm very grateful & I really look forward to having more sessions with him.
Harry Raymond- A-Level Maths

Tutoring Experience

With over 8 years’ experience in private tuition, I have excellent knowledge of all Maths A-Level and GCSE exam boards; EdExcel, OCR and AQA, past exam papers, mark schemes and current curriculum; as well as a thorough understanding of the International Baccalaureate Programme, examination technique and syllabus.

I also have a team of tutors who teach GCSE & A-Level:
• English (Language & Literature)
• Physics, Biology & Chemistry
• Maths
• Economics
• History
• Information Technology
• Business
• Accounting
• Arabic
• French
• Italian
• German
• Russian

Free Inquiry

Tutoring Approach

I ingrain an analytical approach to learning so it becomes second nature to think intuitively about the problem in hand & thus obtain the top possible marks.

No student is further than 2 years away from a major examination in their academic life and so I take my role very seriously in ensuring that the very best grades & potential are achieved using everyone’s unique learning style.

We offer on-going weekly help as part of the academic year as well as intensive exam preparation sessions. All of our students past & present can be contacted to discuss their experience and their progress under my guidance.

All our students leave with more knowledge & confidence in their given subject than when they arrived. I identify individual needs & tailor my tuition to get into the detail immediately, covering concerns & breaking the problem down, aiming to contextualise with real life examples & very thorough explanations to aid learning… and more importantly retention!

My approach is totally student-driven. I believe that with a base understanding of critical concepts and the self-confidence to employ them, any student is capable of academic success. I like to discuss goals with both the pupil and their parents and develop a program tailored to their personal requirements. It has always been my experience that an enthusiastic and engaging teacher can transform a pupil's engagement. I bring my experience; positive outlook and energy to every session to make sure my pupils not only achieve, but enjoy doing so.

Different people have different problems, so it would be somewhat inflexible to have a completely "catch-all" approach to how to teach people. However, I do have certain principles which I stick to when I'm teaching.

1. Focus on fundamentals
I find that a lot of students that I teach come to me with problems that stem from a lack of understanding of much simpler material. Rather than try to explain things in terms of things which students don't really understand, I tend to take a step back and look at the more basic ideas that make up the core of the subject. If these are understood correctly, the understanding of the more advanced material falls into place easily.

2. Question the teacher
A lot of things that students are told in Maths is based on trust - the teacher said it, so it must be true. However, these are the very subjects in which reasons should be given for everything, and one should be sceptical of any idea or concept given without a reason. Therefore, I always explain the way that we know anything in Maths, which I find is often omitted in the classroom, whether for convenience, due to exam tunnel-vision, or for whatever other reason. This ties in with the principle of "Focus on fundamentals".

3. Listen
I cannot help a student unless I know where they are in their understanding. I try to get my students to participate and be active as much as possible during lessons, often getting them to reason through problems and ideas themselves, while helping them along the way. This helps me understand their thought process, and lets me see any gaps they have in their knowledge. Since I pay attention to the student's thinking, I can approach the lesson with the student him- or herself in mind, personalising it and consequently being more helpful.

4. Reality
I also try to offer connections with, and examples from, everyday life. Maths can often seem dry and sometimes irrelevant, but using imagination and comparing it with things we are used to seeing can bring it alive. I use diagrams and even props where I can, as I find it to be the most expressive way of teaching.

I am also very enthusiastic about Maths. I often find that this ends up rubbing off on some of my students!






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